This guide will introduce you to how to perform a general search for orders directly in the app. You can search all data in the system, including item name and number, order number - or a specific value. If you want to search for an order by barcode, please go to our guide: Searching for inspections by Barcode.

Press the green button in the lower right corner to activate the search functions

Tap the 'Search for Inspections' button

Search for the order you want to inspect - You can search on all data that is available in the system

Tap the order you want to inspect, in case there are multiple orders that match your search, click on the wished order to download.

You are now ready to start doing the inspection

Filter results

You can filter the search results you want to inspect by clicking the FILTER button above the search results. It will show the filter options for Status, Inspection type, and Inspection date.

The app will remember your choice for the next time you search.

When you find inspections that are In progress or already in the Report status, you have the following options when tapping the inspection:

The options are:

  • DOWNLOAD. This will download the inspection to the phone, which is usually not needed unless you want to see what the inspection looked like when finished from the phone.
  • DUPLICATE. See more.
  • SHOW REPORT. This will open the report on the Qarma website, and you can look at the findings, see and make comments etc. See more about the mobile version of the report.