In a situation where the phone of an inspector crashes, and therefore will not be able to finish the inspection - the need to assign the inspection to another inspector might occur - or to re-assign the inspection to the same inspector (if the inspector has more than one phone).

The following guide will show how to re-assign an inspection.

Log in to the Qarma desktop and use the top-bar to get to the inspections-list.

If the inspection is already in progress, make sure to go to the 'In progress' inspections.

Find the inspection that needs to be reassigned, and click on the box called 'Edit' below the inspection.

Click on the gray box called 'In progress' and select 'Reassign'.

Regardless of the inspection being reassigned to the same or a different inspector, it is important to choose Qarma Support first. 

Afterwards, please wait a few seconds and then assign it to the inspector.


The inspection will now be ready to be performed again in the app.