The mobile app can be used to scan barcodes and, at the same time, check if the barcode matches what is defined in the order data. On the mobile app, it will look like this (an example of a barcode that does not match):

The barcode check can be defined in the checklist editor by selecting it in the drop-down menu:

Subsequently, you can add a name for the barcode check. For example, you can add the Outer box and if the scan should be checked against order data, and if the barcode format should also be checked.

The app supports the following formats:

- EAN_8

- EAN_13

- CODE_128

- CODE_39


Additional formats (like QR codes) can also be read by the app, but the format cannot be identified.

Expected data

There are three ways to compare the barcode scan against order data:

1. If you have a product-specific checklist, type or paste the barcode into the text field

2. If you have the barcode available from your data integration, like in the example above, select which field contains the barcode, and this will be used for matching

3. If your data integration includes several barcodes per product, like barcodes for variants, assortments etc., this can be selected by clicking Use order data at the top. If you are unsure about how the data for your organisation looks like, please contact support