Qarma supports local language versions of the checklists so that users with low English levels can perform inspections in Qarma.

Both the general user interface in the app, the defect lists, and the checklists can be accessed in a growing list of different languages, including:

- English

- Chinese

- Vietnamese

- Burmese

- Turkish

- Danish

- Bengali

- Spanish

- Ukrainian

- Indonesian (Bahasa)

- Polish

- Hindi

- French

- German

- Italian

- Portuguese

- Romanian

The checklist translations work as follows: For example, if the user opens the Qarma app on a Chinese phone, the app will look for a Chinese version of the checklist. If no such version exists, it will use the default version. The default version is the original text used for creating the checklist. 

To translate into a different language, click Translate Checklist and select the desired language from the drop-down menu:

Next, the input fields for the checkpoint names, the choices for multiple-choice, etc. will be empty, and the original text will be shown in the background:

You can then fill in the translated text, and it is always possible to see the original text by holding the mouse cursor over the text field. 

Once finished, click Stop Translating in the top right corner:

Please note that when showing the report, only English, German, Vietnamese and Chinese are supported.