If you want the inspector to write a text response to a checkpoint, this can be done by defining one of the following types of checkpoints: 

1. Text (for showing simple text fields, like an address)

2. Text table (for showing a tabular overview of data with column and row headers)

Each type will be explained below:


The text checkpoints can be used to define a simple list of text inputs:

Use the + and - buttons to add and remove items from the list.

When displayed in the app, it will look like this:

Please note that the inspector can add more data by pressing Add text input

Text tables

To define a tabular text input method, use the Text table checkpoint type.

To define the structure, click Edit Text Table. This will open the dialog shown below:

In this example, the intention is to capture the top 3 customers for a factory, each with information about name, country and % of sales. 

When shown in the app, the inspector can fill in the information column by column:


New rows and new columns can be added by tapping New Row and the + sign in the upper right corner.