On 2 November, we are upgrading your Qarma account with a new PDF/Word report format. 

We have listened to the feedback from many of our users, and the new report has the following improvements:

  • More compact
  • Visual table style look
  • Option to include comments

See an example below, showing the front page of the new report:

Qarma support can easily customize which information to include in the report. The standard information that can be included or excluded are: 

  1. Sampling protocol (which AQL is used)
  2. Duration

  3. Planned date

  4. Checklist name

  5. ETD

  6. Supplier name

  7. Supplier number

  8. Production unit name

  9. Product unit number

  10. Production unit address

  11. GPS location

Also, all the Order information fields can be optionally included or excluded in the report.

Below, the Supplier name and GPS location have been removed from the report, as well as the Order information fields Country of Origin and Season:

Please note that these settings apply to all reports for your organization.