You can also reset the in progress inspections on the mobile phone

1. Find the inspection that you want to reset in ‘In progress’ tab. Click the three dots on the right side of the inspection

2. Select 'Reset' in the pop-up menu

3. After checking the relevant information again, click "Reset"

4. After that, the system will prompt that the inspection has been reset successfully, click "close" to return 

    (if you don't want to download this inspection, please don't click the green "download" button


* When resetting the order on the mobile app, the preset inspector and date will also be reset
** Resetting the inspection will clear all the data that the inspector has uploaded, please be careful. If you need the data back after resetting, please contact Qarma Support.

*** To use reset inspection, the user needs specific permissions. Please contact your Qarma administrator for more information.