Here is a 9 minutes video of the recent changes. 

If you prefer to read about instead, please check the below points:

CAP status showing in audit list

In the list of audits, you can easily see if there are pending corrective actions:

If you click on the audit, you can see the more detailed overview and open each Corrective Action. 

Audit status

You can define which status' that should be available for your different types of audits. In the example below, it's inspired from Amfori's BSCI audits, but it could be any rating or status that you prefer. 

Reach out to the support team to Qarma support to get help to set up the audit status types.

Audit watchers and comments

In the mobile app as well as the website, you can add Watchers who will be notified on email when the audit is finished, if there are comments etc. 

If you scroll further down, you can also see the comments section, where you can add or reply to comments in order to keep all follow-up communication on the audit in one place.

Start audits in the app

It is now possible to start audits directly in the app, pressing the plus sign:

Please note that you need to turn on this feature under the user roles. Look in the Features, mobile app  section: