The following guide explains and visualizes how to find and use the box picker for an inspection.

Note: the relevance of this feature is only to companies that store products in numbered boxes.


The purpose of the feature is to help the inspector in case the factory complains about boxes that are hard to retrieve. With this feature, the inspector can simply show the Qarma app to show that it’s a system-generated list. 

To find and use the box picker, follow these steps:


1. Open an inspection in the Qarma app and go to Order info at the top.



After heading over to the order info, a general overview of the product will appear with an option to click Randomize.

2. After clicking on the button Randomize, the following box will pop up


In this pop-up, you will have to determine the units per box and then click generate.


Now the box numbers will show up, and you will now know which boxes to check.

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