For suppliers and production units it is possible to collect information that can be used for filtering and reporting. Since there are different companies have different needs, Qarma supports a fully customized set up of the data to be collected. Below are some examples of what information that could be collected:

  • Contact information
  • Commercial data
  • Capability and capacity
  • Certificate information
  • Workforce
  • Environmental data

Please contact support to get help with the initial set-up. 

Collecting data

Data can be entered directly on the supplier and production unit pages. This is useful for a company's internal staff to provide selected updates. However, it will often be useful to collect and update the data through audits and assessments:

Editing supplier and production unit data

To update the data directly on the supplier and production unit, find the relevant supplier and open the page to click Edit

In order to have the Edit buttons available, the user's role need to have the Edit additional data permission.

Collecting data with audits

To update the data as part of an audit, you can mark that specific checkpoints in the audit checklist should be linked with supplier or production unit data:

When performing the audit, the checkpoint will ask to fill in this information. If the there is already information in the system, the auditor will be asked to confirm that the data is correct or update it if it is not correct. Checkpoints will be marked with Production unit or Supplier to indicate the data will update the production unit or supplier profile in Qarma:

Once the audit has been submitted, the production unit and/or supplier will automatically be updated with the new information. This will also be visible in the audit report, which indicates what the previous value was, and what the auditor has provided: 

In this example, the original value was 2000 pcs but the auditor updated it to 15000. 

Users do not need a special permission to update suppliers and production units through audits - if they have permission to perform the audit, th


In the list of suppliers and production units, you can filter to select the ones that match specific filter criteria: 

The above is just an example - which data points are available reflects what has been set up for your organization.

The following data types can be used for filtering:

  • Numbers 
  • Drop-down lists
  • Dates

Text fields cannot be used for filtering.


Data on suppliers and production units can be manually exported from Qarma on the Export page, or you can contact support to set-up an automated extract that will feed into your systems or be available for Business Intelligence software like PowerBI. 

For a more in-depth explanation about the data fields and structure of the export, please check our technical documentation.