(This guide will help you to download and install the app on your android device in China. If you are using Android outside China, please go to this guide.

If you are working from an IOS device, go to the following guide.

Xiaomi/Redmi Phone Users

Search for Qarma on the Xiaomi/Redmi App Store to download. 

Huawei/Honor Phone Users

Search for Qarma on the Huawei/Honor App Market to download. 

Other Android Phone Users

A.  Download using Baidu Mobile Assistant 

Open this link in your mobile browser: Qarma APP Download - Baidu Mobile Assistant, then click "普通下载" to install the apk.

B. Open the link below in browser to download 

Link to download

C. Visit the Qarma website to find the download link. 

First, log in. 

After logging in, scroll to the bottom

In the new page, go to top right corner

If you need other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team or consult our other tutorials.