This guide will demonstrate how to report defects in the app when doing an inspection.

Report a defect directly to a checkpoint

Swipe to the left on a checkpoint and press the red mark if you want to report a defect.

Or click on the checkpoint followed by clicking the red mark 'Checked - Not OK'

By doing so, the app will immediately open the camera

Edit picture

In case you need to edit the picture, tap on the three dots and select 'EDIT'

Afterwards, it possible to Draw, Create Arrows, and Rotate

After taking the picture and performing any edits, choose the Severity of and Quantity Affected by the defect. 

Defect categories

If your account has defect categories enabled, it is also required to select a defect code when reporting a defect.

The Defect Category is found below Quantity affected. Search for the defect category or Select the top-level category.

Next, select the specific sub-category for the defect.
Once the Picture is taken and Severity, Quantity Affected, and Defect Category is set, the defect can be saved.

Add more than one defect to a checkpoint

To add more than one defect on a checkpoint, repeat the procedure for selecting the status 'Checked - Not OK'.


This will bring you to the following view of the checkpoint.

Edit or remove a defect

Open the defect tab to get an overview of the reported defect on the inspection. 
Here it is possible to select a defect and edit or delete it. 

Create an overall defect unrelated to a checkpoint 

By pressing the red mark in the lower right corner, you can automatically start the procedure to report a defect.
This defect will be related to the general inspection and not to a checkpoint.