The Qarma app will run on the following devices:


All devices with Android 7 or newer. 

Older versions might also work, but this cannot be guaranteed. 

Camera and GPS is required.


iPhones and iPads All devices that run iOS 11 or newer.

General recommendations

We recommend paying attention to the following characteristics when selecting a device:

1. Battery life: taking photos is very battery-consuming.

2. Screen size: if you are checking documents on screen, we recommend at least a 6" screen.

3. Camera: image quality is important. However, most modern phones have great cameras.

Internet connection

Qarma depends on an internet connection to initiate and finish inspections. We recommend always having a 3G/4G/5G connection turned on so that the app will continuously send data to our system. 

Internet usage depends on the number of inspections and pictures, but we estimate around 2GB per month (3 inspections per day, averaging 140 pictures each).