This guide briefly explains how to add instructions and attachments to checkpoints

Instruction text

If you want to add additional instructions to the inspector on how to perform a test, or how to do a measurement etc., you can add a note to the checkpoint like in the example below:


In some cases, a picture, video or pdf will be a better way to instruct the inspector, and you can click Upload checkpoint attachment to add any media file you want. 

The file needs to be in a format that can be opened on the phone. All common media files can usually be opened (png, jpg, mp4, mov, pdf, docx, xlsx etc.). If a special file type is uploaded, the inspector might have to download a dedicated viewing app to open it.

In the mobile app, the attachments and instructions are shown when you open the checkpoint to see the details, like in below example where there is an example image showing how to take a picture of cartons in the warehouse.