With version 3.0, scheduled for release on 18 May 2021, we are improving the user experience of the Qarma app in the following areas:

Check the video to see a quick demo:

Try the beta version

If you want to try the demo before the official release, you are more than welcome:

  • iPhone users: install the TestFlight app from Apple first, and then open this link on your phone:

  • Android users: download and install the APK file from this link (if you currently install the app through Google Play, you need to log out of the app and uninstall it first).

Please report any problems to Qarma support.

Video capture for checkpoints

Capturing videos is now as easy as capturing pictures. Just press the Video icon in the camera view:

You will be allowed to capture videos up to 12 seconds. The app will automatically compress the video into a few megabytes and upload, just as you know it from taking pictures with the app.

New visual style

The information and style are now more in line with how we show inspections on the web site. For example, we show the inspection types with tags and using the color coding of the web app as well:


You can now see inspections organized by date, so you can easily see what has been planned for the week:

If one order has inspections planned on several dates, it will show up on all the relevant dates. Then you can tap Show all to show the full order:

Reset inspections

For each inspection, there is a button to bring up additional actions:

If you accidentally started an inspection and want to un-do it, you can use the Reset Inspection option. This will put it back into Planned and also set it as unassigned. 

Unlock inspections

This feature has been available on the website for some time, but now it is also available on the mobile app. If the inspection has already been downloaded on another device, you will see a padlock icon next to the inspection:

If this was a mistake, and the inspection should indeed be carried out on your device, you can Unlock the inspection.

Please note that you should be careful that it is not already being carried out by someone else on another device. If that were to happen, and two persons worked on the same inspection from two different devices, two separate reports would be created. 

Duplicate inspections

For each inspection, there is a button to bring up additional actions:

One of the additional actions is to Duplicate Inspection. When you duplicate an inspection, the app will ask you which inspection type and checklist to use for the new inspection. 

Apart from the inspection type and checklist, all other information for the inspection will be the same.

This can be useful for starting ad-hoc inline or warehouse inspections.

Combined inspections display show all inspections

Previously, we would not show all inspections combined, but with the new version, we are displaying combined inspections in the same way as we do on the web page

In the below example, the two inspections at the top are combined, but they are both shown under the order where they belong, together with other items on the same order.

Show conclusion for the finished report

In the Report tab, colors will show on the inspection type label to indicate what was the conclusion of the inspection, as shown below:

Pull to refresh

You can pull the inspection list down to get the latest changes from the server:

Set status for all checkpoints in one go

If you want to set all checkpoints in one section to Not applicable or Checked - OK, you can long-press the header, tap and hold down your finger:

Then at the bottom of the screen, the checkpoint status panel will show, and you can select a status to apply for all checkpoints: