1. How to get CAP page and its layout 

To see the list of corrective actions, click the Audit menu and then Corrective Actions:


In the CAP page, under "All" menu it lists all the CAP records, while the "Overdue" tab lists all the CAP task over the due date you set. You can filter under some conditions such as date, approver, suppliers, responsible and status to get whatever task you want. In the list of CAP tasks, you can see some necessary information such as finding, supplier, production unit, responsible/approver , created date, resolved date, due date and status.

2. Details of the task

There are four parts in the task detail. 

  • First part is on the upper left side "Corrective action details". It shows the finding, description, responsible and approver, due date, also the option that whether the evidence from app is required or not.
  • Second part is on the middle left side "Evidence", it shows the evidences of the task, photos videos or documents, GPS will show up if the evidence is from app and the responsible allows Qarma to visit the mobile GPS. 
  • Third part is the lowest part "Applies to", it shows the audit report, supplier and production unit connected with this corrective action, you can click these links and review the audit report or supplier or production unit directly.  
  • Forth part is on the right side, it's a status and history part. All the comments and records of all operations related to this task will show here. When the status is in Review, you can approve action or re-open it. When the status is closed, you can re-open it as well.