This guide will help you create a second inspection. A second inspection might be needed when the first inspection was rejected, and the inspector needs to re-check the items.

Re-inspections can be created either on the website or directly in the mobile app. 


Open the report of the first inspection and click 'Schedule re-inspection'

Search the inspection using the search function in the top menu or access the report through the link you have received via email.

There will now be a new planned inspection assigned to the same inspector assigned to the original. 

The first inspection report will be attached to the second inspection for the QC to check it on their phone.

You can edit the re-inspection by pressing the 'Go to 2nd Inspection'

Here you can define the inspector (if it is a different inspector who needs to perform the re-inspection) or set a different checklist.

You can unfold the overview in the top of the inspection to navigate between the different inspections.

You can also tap the 'Go to 2nd inspection' for easy navigation.