The following guide explains and visualizes how to find and duplicate an existing checkpoint.

A checkpoint is defined by the checklist you assign to the order. For more information about checklists visit this link.


This feature is very useful if you have some repetitive checks, e.g.:

- Checking shipping marks, packaging, etc. for multi-colli products.

- Fabric inspections where each fabric roll needs to be inspected and have its own checkpoint.

By duplicating a checkpoint, you will keep the structure and type of checkpoint adding more flexibility and speed for inspectors.

To duplicate a checkpoint, follow these simple steps:

1. Find the checkpoint you wish to duplicate

2. After clicking on the checkpoint you wish to duplicate a pop-up will show. Click on the button Duplicate this checkpoint.

3. After clicking on Duplicate this checkpoint, the Qarma app will ask you to rename or keep the current name for the checkpoint. After making the wished changes, click on Save.

You have now duplicated the checkpoint, and the overview should contain the new checkpoint as shown here: